FCA Leadership Camp!


Today I am leaving for the University of Northwestern St. Paul to be a huddle leader at the FCA Leadership Camp this year! Earlier this year, at the end of June, I was able to attend the FCA Sports Camp at Luther College in Decorah Iowa. I was a huddle leader there as well, and it was my first time being a huddle leader at an FCA camp. In past years, I was able to go to FCA Sports Camp at Luther College as a camper! I went three times to the sports camp for basketball, and I was even lucky enough to go to FCA Leadership Camp once too! The four times I was able to go to FCA camp as a camper, it was such a time of growth for me. As a camper, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the spiritual side of it and growing in my relationship with Jesus, I loved seeing college kids who were huddle leaders that were on fire for Christ! And obviously, I got to compete at these camps as well! FCA is so awesome because it combines faith and sports! Two of my favorite things!

As I said, when I went as a camper, it was such a time of growth for me. Every time I went to FCA camp, I came back on the “spiritual high” for Christ. I got to be surrounded by kids my age who loved Jesus. When we weren’t in chapel or at our sports clinics or in huddle group meetings, we were having fun, laughing, being crazy, being joyful, and enjoying each other as brothers and sisters in Christ! I attended other basketball camps as I grew up that weren’t through FCA, and we would also have downtime to “have fun.” But it was different then FCA camp. The fun we have at FCA camp is pure, there is no profanity or swearing or rude jokes. It is all clean. It is a judgement free atmosphere, and it is ALL centered around Jesus! What could be better!? So I knew, when I graduated high school, I was going to be a huddle leader. And here I am 🙂 This will be my second of many times that I will be involved with FCA camps, whether a huddle leader or helping out in other ways!

Now don’t get me wrong, being a camper was amazing, but at least for me, being a huddle leader was leaps and bounds better! There is no downside to being a camper. You get to grow in your faith and relationship with Jesus, you get to enjoy times with new friends, you get to compete, and you get such a great opportunity to be mentored by amazing huddle leaders! As a camper, you get to learn from you huddle leader, from other campers, from the speaker at chapel, you get to learn even at worship time! You learn so much as a camper and grow a bunch as well! But as a huddle leader, you get to learn and grow even more so than the campers do!

The crazy thing is, as huddle leaders and as staff members at FCA camps, we are all there to pour into the kids lives. We are all there to point them to Christ. We are all there to teach and help the kids grow in their faith. We are all there to love on the kids. But the crazy thing is even though we go there to serve and help the kids grow closer to the Lord, as a huddle leader, you get so much more out of it than the campers. It is amazing how when you allow the Lord to use you, when you serve others, when you serve Jesus, when you sacrifice time to help others grow, you personally grow so much more! Jesus blesses you immensely for allowing Him to use you to bring glory to His name. As a huddle leader, you get to meet amazing college aged kids (aka the other huddle leaders) who love Jesus. My fellow huddle leaders are my family, they are life long friends. When I went to FCA sports camp at the end of June, I knew maybe four of the huddle leaders, and the ones I knew were my huddle leaders when I was a camper. But it was crazy! By the end of the first day, it felt like everyone there was my family! I didn’t even get to know everyone in the five days I spent there, but they still all felt like family! As a huddle leader, you get to pour into the lives of the campers, you get to be an example of how to live your life for Christ. And don’t get me wrong, us huddle leader are no better than the worst sinner in the world. We all fall wayyyy short of perfection. But we get a chance to be an example of how to live your life for Jesus. And we get a chance to help our campers to grow in their relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ. What. A. Blessing. 

So here is the deal, I am leaving tonight around 4 o’clock, and I will be back home around 3ish(?) on Sunday. I need you guys to pray that Jesus Christ will work in me and through me at this camp. Pray that He will use me to glorify the name of Jesus. Pray that there will be memories made, and life long friends created. Pray the same thing for all of the huddle leaders. Pray for a protection over the camp, for the Holy Spirit to put a shield up around the campus that will keep satan and his demons out! Pray for energy, for both the huddle leaders and campers, because we will have some early days, and some late nights. Pray that the campers would open their eyes, ears, heart, mind, and soul to Jesus. Pray that the campers would grow in their relationship with Jesus. Pray for the campers that will be there that don’t know Jesus as their Lord and savior, pray that they would surrender their life to Him for the first time at this camp! Thank you for your prayers!!!

One last thing, on Sunday, the day I get back from camp, I am going to be baptised!! Baptism is an outword expression of our inward devotion to Jesus Christ. So I will get up in front of a corwd of peopel and basically share my testimony and let them know that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I will outwarly express my love and devotion to Jesus Christ! I am not very nervous about this, because I feel like I have been proclaiming this for the past two years of my life! But finally, this Sunday, I will be able to say I have been baptised! I am so excited! These next five days are going to be some of the best days of my life, at least to this point in my life! I am so excited!! Have a blessed day, and thank you again for the prayers!

One thought on “FCA Leadership Camp!

  1. Agreed that being a huddle leader is the best!! Will be praying for you, the rest of the huddle leaders and campers that together you will lean in closer to God and have open hearts to His will. Hope you have an amazing time!


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