Finally a Bison!!

Hello everyone! It has been a long while since I have posted! I’ve been busy the last month…moving stuff to my apartment in Fargo ND in preparation for being a Bison! That is, a student at NDSU! I am pursuing a degree in Software Engineering, which is basically someone who writes code for computers and computer programs. So basically, I am going to be a nerd, and I am proud to be one 🙂 Classes actually started this past Tuesday on the 21st, so I have the first week under my belt. The first week is just a bunch of syllabi in my various classes and all went well class wise! I know I am going to get more and more busy as class work and work starts to ramp up. Yep, you heard me right, I got a job at Olive Garden in Fargo as a busser! I start tomorrow on the 26th, and am looking forward to making some money again. I am a little nervous in regards to figuring out how I am going to juggle classes, homework, work, my dog Misty, making meals, and also enjoying my college experience. So if you could pray for me in this regard I would much appreciate it!

One of the biggest things I was asking people to pray for me as I went to college is to pray that the Lord would put men who love Christ in my life. And boy o boy, does he answer prayers!!! He answered the prayer like this, “Joshua, I am going to give you an abundance of men who have a heart after me. Be blessed!” I have been able to meet guys through FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and another group called Chi Alpha! I have had breakfast/lunch with multiple guys. I have been able to be a part of a small group already. I have been able to pray with my fellow brothers in Christ. I have been able to play games and have fun with them! I am having breakfast with another guy on Monday the 27th! I am so blessed! I was able to attend Chi Alpha on Thursday the 23rd which is a group that is centered around Christ and His love! Chi Alpha on Thursday’s are basically a church service in the middle of the week! How awesome is that! And I am going to church with a good friend whose name is Tatenda tomorrow morning. I could continue to share so many instances and stories of how Christ has answered this prayer, but I will cut if off right here.

Starting school at NDSU has been a huge step in my life. I am starting the next chapter, and it is more than just schooling. It is a reminder of what I was saved from. It is a reminder of how powerful Christ is. It is an opportunity to continue my schooling, (yeah duhhhh) but even more so, it is an opportunity to grow closer to Christ. To meet new people, to be a light to this world. I am so excited for these opportunities, I am so thankful for the reminders of what the Lord has delivered me through. As life gets busier, blog posts will be more sporadic… I will do my best to keep you all up to date! Thank you all so much! Have a good nights rest and a blessed day!

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